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The Christmas Present by Billy M. Smallwood

I heard a knock on my door one Christmas Eve,
As I looked out my window a man I could see,
he was cold and seemed so lonely and upon a bended knee
he asked can you spare anything for me to eat...
I opened up the door and as I helped him in,
he looked up at me with such a peaceful grin,
As he drank down some coffee and had a bite to eat,
I put more wood on the fire so he could warm his feet...
Over there by the fireplace he warmed his tired hands,
I wonder where did he come from, this quiet white haired man,
but I wasn't at all afraid of his peaceful ways you see,
this man dressed in poor, almost as poor as me...
As he left he turned and thanked me for all I had done,
but he forgot to take his gloves, so out the door I run,
He was gone in the blizzard and I couldn't hardly see,
so I took his old glove back to the house with me...
Just a little after midnight I awoke in the dark,
there wasn't a bit of fire just glowing cinders in the dark,
and where I'd placed his gloves by my little christmas tree,
there laid a brand new pair, and a Christmas Card for me...
and it read....
You gave me shelter and food to keep me warm,
you even tried to bring me my gloves in the storm,
so here's you a new pair,... the finest ever seen...
as an angel of the Lord
I'll be sure to tell the King....Merry Christmas...

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